Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Funday

What a day today!  Our local movie theater chain is have $2 kids movies on Sundays through March.  So my sister and I took BeBe to see Ice Age 4.  She's never seen a movie in the theater before today.  I was a little nervous that I would have to chase her all over to get her to sit in her seat; but she did a great job!  The movie was funny and she loved it!!

Then of course I stopped at Sallys later this afternoon, just to see.  I've been having Seche issues lately.  It peels at the corners of my nails, the whole nail comes off.  It's like if a stick on nail breaks off.  So I did some reading and people said to try a base coat.  I've only been using a treatment under my polish, not an actual base coat.  So I bought Orly Bonder today; we will see if that helps.

For my manicure I busted out the stripping tape today.  I started with one of my newer Orly's.  I bought it Friday night, it's called Green with Envy. It's a teal jelly, so it took about 3.5 coats to make it as opaque as I was looking for.  I love this color!  It's beautiful even by itself. 

It's photographing a little lighter than it is in person, and even lighter when I use my actual digital camera.  Next I took my magenta stripping tape and place that on each nail in a cross pattern.  I started with a horizontal line across the top of my nail.  Almost like I was going to do a french manicure. And then added a vertical stripe down the center of the nail.

I'm really happy with this manicure tonight!  And hopefully I don't have any peeling issues now that I am using the Bonder.  Has anyone else had Seche problems like mine? And if so, do you have any fixes for me?  

I've gotta run and catch this weeks episode of Revenge, and find out who's dying!!  Enjoy your last weekend night (unless you're off for President's Day tomorrow)!!


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