Monday, April 28, 2014

IFabbo: Perlier Royal Elixir Facial Serum

A while back, I joined a website for fashion and beauty bloggers called ifabbo ( They will send out samples of products for bloggers to try and review, much like any other review site. I had so much going on in the last few months, that I forgot I actually applied for the site. I received an email last week saying I was eligible to review Perlier Royal Elixir facial serum. I love trying new things so I jumped at the chance. And I know you all love when I bring you new products!!
So my package from Ifabbo arrived today
I was surprised to see a full sized product in the box!  And I love surprises like that!  I couldn't wait to jump in and play with it. 

While Honey was getting her pajamas on and I was overseeing her brush her teeth, I opened the box to see the packaging and what the product looked and smelled like. The first thing I do with almost everything I get (beauty wise) is smell it. I'm a smeller. 

This smells so so good!  Clean, with a hint of fragrance that isn't so harsh it will irritate your skin...just enough of a natural honey smell. And it has light reflection particles that make your skin absolutely glow!! 
As Honey finished getting ready for bed, I read the information card that came in the box from Ifabbo. It says the Royal elixir is an breakthrough anti aging serum that incorporates fresh royal jelly from African bees. The jelly stimulates collagen, while the water has been replaced with rose distillate, so the serum also has moisturizing and toning properties.

Based in what the card says, this is really the only other product you would need to use after washing your face. Like one stop shopping!

So I washed my face and put a thin layer across my entire face. I'm often weary of facial serums, usually because they have a strong scent that deters from any of the good properties it may have. And also because they seem to feel heavy and like they would cause me to break out. 

As soon as I put the Royal Elixir on my fave, I noticed a difference in my skin tone and how smooth and soft my skin felt. It feels really hydrated after washing it too. None of that tightness or dried out irritation. And no stickiness or heavy feeling. 

Now obviously I will need to continue using this for more than one night to truley see how well it works in the long run; but I will definitely keep you updated!

If you're interested in trying ifabbo for yourself, head to and fill out the blogger application. And if you want to buy the Perlier Royal Elixir, it's on HSN right now and can be found at   That is the specific Perlier page, just copy and paste it right into your browser. 

Let me know in the comments if you give it a shot!!