Sunday, May 17, 2015

Is it time yet?

Sorry for the lack of updates, but man have I been busy!!  Not only did hubs and I buy a new house, but my baby sister also bought her first house. 

Which means big sis is obligated to help her move in. It wasn't bad. She's lived at my parents forever so she didn't have an entire house or apartment to move. So it was quick and relatively painless. 

We painted this weekend. And cleaned. I'm not sure her sellers ever cleaned their house. The walls were gross, the white doors were black. And they left a bunch of shredded cheese (not in a bag) in the fridge door for us!!  

But now that she's done, it's my turn. And I realized today juuuust how quickly time is flying by. Yes I have just about a month to go before we close. And over a month until the official moving day. But I had nothing done. 
Minus purging. I purged a lot. Everyone should move every few years just to purge. I still have more to get rid of too! 😍

Anyways. I started packing today. I did pretty well I think. I got all the non essential things (pictures, knick knack stuff I can't seem to throw away) packed away. Including my home fragrance. With the exception of one measly candle. And a wallflower. 

Which probably explains the massive shopping trip on tonight. But when they say $9 three wick candles, a basic bitch like me can't say no!  So $135 later (which was really only $50 shipped for the sale) and I'm not so patently awaiting my order. I'll post that haul when it arrives. Promise!  

And I'll have an IKEA haul coming Wednesday too. That won't be pretty. For my credit card, not aesthetically. 

See you then!

Kat ❤️