Saturday, February 16, 2013

Organizing Part 2!

OMG! I did it!  I didn't make (or buy) the rack I wanted, but I did figure out a way to organize everything so it's not all in a basket or all over the living room.  It's currently a work in progress, so I don't have any pictures of it yet.  But once I do I will post them.

So I took a Sterilite three drawer plastic storage unit that has been laying around the house unused.  And in the bottom drawer I am putting all my glitters and holos and such.  In the second drawer all my solid colors.  And in the top drawer I am putting all my topcoats, treatments, and files; along with any nail art tools and such.  I might put the removers in there, but I'm not sure.  I was going to put them on the top, but I'm not sure that's wise with a three year old running around.  I only use 100% acetone and we have wood floors in the living room. Those three things do NOT mix well.  We've already lost a nice portion of the finish on a gorgeous coffee table the in laws handed down to us.  She spilled an entire bottle of acetone on it pretty much as soon as we got the table.

But I'm really excited about having all my polish, all 90 of them so far, put away.  And I'm sure Hubs will be happy its not laying all over the place anymore!

And I have an awesome mani planned tonight, as soon as I get BeBe in bed tonight.  I have a plan for a mani and hard root beer.  Happy Saturday ;)


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