Friday, February 22, 2013

Speckly Spots...and Sales!

This is going to be quite a weekend of hauls!  Today my bestie in Florida told me that Sinful polish was on sale for $0.99.  And the Sugar Rush collection was out! I went to check out and on top of the Sugar Rush collection, they had a St Patricks Day collection out.  And they were, in fact, $0.99!  So I picked up 3 from Sugar Rush and 2 from St. Patricks Day.

They also had Maybelline BOGO half off, so I bought 2 Baby Lips. Total:$11.50!  Of course, tomorrow is the double discount day at Sallys with your Beauty Card and the mailout coupon. I can't wait!

I'm going to swatch all the colors I got later in the weekend, since I got a late start on polishing today. So I used the yellow on all my nails, and another DIY dotting tool and came up with a fun spring mani!

First I did three coats of Sinful Unicorn.  It's pretty thin, so three coats are necessary for it be opaque. 

 It looks brighter here than it does in real life. It's much more pastel than highlighter.  It's a really pretty yellow.
Then I used my new self made dotting tool.  Again my bestie told me how to make it!  She used a pin put into a pencil eraser!  How genius is that!?

I added two different colored dots, Orly Hawaiian Punch and Charged Up.  Just dipped the pin top into the polish. Depending on how much pressure you use, you can create different sized dots.  I just went down the outsides of each nail on each hand.

Fun right!? I love the dot trend. It's easy and theres millions of ways to do it and make it look different. 

Tomorrow should bring a large haul post.  I wish the new Orly Hope and Freedom Fest line was out, along with the new China Glaze holos.  Of course they won't be out until March, sadface.  Stay tuned!!


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