Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dollar Store Jackpot!

Honey and I decided to have a movie night tonight while hubs was at work. We recorded Wreck It Ralph for her to watch with a babysitter last night and she never watched it. So we watched it tonight. 

I told her we would go to the dollar store and get some candy to have with the movie, and I also wanted to check out the Halloween decor. 

And because I can't go to the dollar store without going down the beauty aisle, I hit jackpot. 

Essie Sleek Sticks. Essie's version of nail wraps or nail stickers. For $1/each. Guys. These usually retail for around $10 a pop everywhere else. I'm not sure if they are retired styles or what, and I don't really care!  I bought 10 of them for the price of one!  
And here is where it gets photo heavy. I think I got one of each style; I didn't like a red with glitter that was available so I doubled up on one style. 

I got two of the very first style. And to be honest, I just realized as I was posting these that they had names on the side of the packaging. Hello!  So I got two of Glam It On. 

And there is one more, but of course I had to try them out tonight!!  So this is the one I chose for my mani tonight. 
It's called Over the Moon and I love the glitter gradient effect!!  I saved the ones I didn't use, because they can always be used as accent nails in a future mani!
They went on easily enough, just like the Sally Hansen stickers go on. And came with a file and a plastic cuticle pusher that I used to smooth out any air bubbles. Air bubbles seem common, but maybe I'm just not used to using the stickers? But I'm happy with the value!

So what do you think?  Did I hit the jackpot?

Where Have I Been?

I know I know.  It's been too long.
But I wanted to let you know why.

I've really been getting back into my health and fitness again.  I joined Beachbody and started with the 21 Day Fix.  And I loved it and it's results so much (15.5 inches lost in 21 days!!) that I became a Beachbody coach!

So I'm now selling the products, and running challenge groups with other ladies (and gents) who want to do a round or two of the Fix or other Beachbody workout programs.

And I just started another blog, sharing my story.  And I will be posting fitness tips, recipes, workouts, beachbody promotions, etc.  So come check it out here!

Hope to see you there!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux

I just got an email from Zoya that they are expanding their popular Spring/Summer naturel line with 6 new, darker neutral shades, perfect for fall!!

From the pictures the look absolutely gorgeous, and I need to get my hands on these!  Presale starts July 21st and the polishes are the standard $9.

I do know that three colors are brown shades and three are plum shades, and I have the names and what colors they are, but I don't have a picture with names next to the color. Starting with the browns we have:
Spencer: A caramel creme
Chanelle: A toasted almond creme
Emilia: A dark chocolate creme

And for the plum shades we have:
Marnie: Deep warm plum
Aubrey: Medium mauve
and Madeline: muted rose.
If any more information comes out I'll be sure to let you all know!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Septoplasty Recovery: Day Of/Day One

It's done!!  I wasn't as nervous going into the OR as I though I would be! I did have some trouble sleeping last night, mostly because I was afraid of missing my alarm. 

We got there at 645 and by 7 I was in the pre op room getting changed and vitals and everything. By 730, the nurse was walking me into the OR. There they put these amazing leg massagers on me, to help prevent blood clots. They also did the anesthesia in the OR which I have never had done before; usually it's done beforehand. The last thing I remember is a nurse asking if I was excited to get started. 

And then they were waking me up in the recovery room. That was terribly uncomfortable. My throat was so numb from the intubation tube it was hard to swallow. And I could feel blood dripping out of my nose (sorry if that's tmi).  But they quickly padded it for me to catch it all. 

Pain meds came next, quite a cocktail of IV drugs. The pain wasn't so much pain as it was burning in my nostrils. That time in the recovery room went quickly; why doesn't the work day go that quickly?!  After some quick vitals and discharge instructions, I was on my way home. 

I doubled up my pain pills and was in and out of sleep all afternoon with no pain. I did have to change the drip pad under my nose several times. It's about 12 hours later and im not bleeding much at all.  

So far day one has been better than expected!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'm Nervous for Tomorrow

This is a 100000% non nail related post.  And for that I apologize, but it's a look into what's about to go down here tomorrow, June 2nd.

I've recently started noticing (like within the last year and a half) problems breathing.  Usually trouble catching my breath most of the time.  After visiting the doctor and being tested for asthma (negative, by the way), I started noticing that I was almost constantly congested.  Mostly in my right nostril, but it would go to my left occasionally, usually when I slept on that side.

So my GP recommended me to an ENT for further testing.  He noticed that I have a deviated septum; slightly, nothing serious.  And on top of that, my nasal turbinates are too big and my nasal valves collapse when I breathe.  Awesome.  So those things all combined create a perfect storm of not being able to breathe correctly through my nose.

He prescribed that I start using Breathe Right strips at night, and use nasal gel and spray to help open things up through out the day.  And the only thing that worked were the strips, and even that didn't last.  And it was only at night that I would wear them.

Next step: SURGERY.  Yikes.  Tomorrow.  At 7:45 am.  No food or drink after midnight tonight, and be at the surgical center an hour early.  I'm freaking out.  I took "before" pictures of my nose last night, because there is a chance the surgery could alter the shape and appearance of it.  Is that weird?

So, as often as I can, I will come here and try to document how things go.  What pain am I in.  Hows the swelling?  I'm reading there is a lot of gross drainage, and I will keep that to myself.  You're welcome.

And soon, we will be back to nails and reviews and  pretty things.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Graze Subscription Box

A few weeks ago I found a new subscription box!  You know I love my subscription boxes!

This one can be found at, and it's a weekly (or bi-weekly, or how ever often you would like it) box and each one is only $6.  Their motto is "Snacking Reinvented", and each box comes with 4 different snacks per box.

To start, head to their website, and fill out your info.  Then they take you to the page with all their available snacks. These people have everything!  Nuts, dips and dippers, seeds, some chocolate.  I looked through each page, and as soon as I thought I found the best sounding snack, I found another that sounded even better; Toffee apple dippers (apple chips with toffee dip), salted fudge and peanut cookie (?!), honeycomb and chocolate flapjacks, those sort of resemble a granola bar.

The lists go on and on. If you're gluten free, they have snacks for you.  If you are vegan, there are selections you can choose from. And enough that you can get a different box plenty of times, so you won't get the same items over and over again unless you want to.

After selecting all of the ones I would like to try, or thought I would already LOVE, and the ones to trash (meaning never send to me, like pistachios), I could NOT WAIT to get this box.  It said it would be here around the 26th, which of course was Memorial Day (in the States) so no mail. Bummer. BUT! When I got home today it was waiting for me, and I couldn't wait to dig in and see what I got!

Starting with my least favorite (they are going in Hubs lunch tomorrow) salty BBQ corn.  Smoked cashews and jumbo corn with a BBQ flavor.  I'm not a huge cashew fan, but I know my amazing husband, Josh, likes them so I'll share the ones I don't like with him ;)

Next, Fruit and Seed Flapjacks, "rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruit".  These are the granola bar looking ones I mentioned above.

Third, Shangri-La which is a mix on lingonberries, dried pineapple, almond slices, and pumpkin seeds. Love love love pumpkin seeds, can't wait to try this one!

And last, the one I'm most looking forward to, Toffee Apple. This is granny smith apple chips with a toffee dipping sauce.  And the little container it comes in says it's only 70 calories!  How can you beat that!?

Just by first glance (I haven't tasted any yet, because I'm waiting to bring it to work tomorrow), I give my first box an A-.  Only because of the cashews, and like I said, I'll give them to Josh anyways.  I just switched my subscription from every other week to every week; at $6 I feel it's totally worth it! I'll update on taste and freshness once I try everything!

If this box interests you, GOOD!  I have a code for you!  Just go right here and it will have my friendcode already input into the system, and you will get not only your FIRST box absolutely FREE, but you'll get your FIFTH box free as well!

Happy snacking!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Destash Sale!

Just a quick drop by to let you all know that I have a destash site up now!!  If you're interested go to I'll activate the link tomorrow morning. Or you can go to my Instagram bio and it's there!!  Happy browsing/shopping!


Monday, April 28, 2014

IFabbo: Perlier Royal Elixir Facial Serum

A while back, I joined a website for fashion and beauty bloggers called ifabbo ( They will send out samples of products for bloggers to try and review, much like any other review site. I had so much going on in the last few months, that I forgot I actually applied for the site. I received an email last week saying I was eligible to review Perlier Royal Elixir facial serum. I love trying new things so I jumped at the chance. And I know you all love when I bring you new products!!
So my package from Ifabbo arrived today
I was surprised to see a full sized product in the box!  And I love surprises like that!  I couldn't wait to jump in and play with it. 

While Honey was getting her pajamas on and I was overseeing her brush her teeth, I opened the box to see the packaging and what the product looked and smelled like. The first thing I do with almost everything I get (beauty wise) is smell it. I'm a smeller. 

This smells so so good!  Clean, with a hint of fragrance that isn't so harsh it will irritate your skin...just enough of a natural honey smell. And it has light reflection particles that make your skin absolutely glow!! 
As Honey finished getting ready for bed, I read the information card that came in the box from Ifabbo. It says the Royal elixir is an breakthrough anti aging serum that incorporates fresh royal jelly from African bees. The jelly stimulates collagen, while the water has been replaced with rose distillate, so the serum also has moisturizing and toning properties.

Based in what the card says, this is really the only other product you would need to use after washing your face. Like one stop shopping!

So I washed my face and put a thin layer across my entire face. I'm often weary of facial serums, usually because they have a strong scent that deters from any of the good properties it may have. And also because they seem to feel heavy and like they would cause me to break out. 

As soon as I put the Royal Elixir on my fave, I noticed a difference in my skin tone and how smooth and soft my skin felt. It feels really hydrated after washing it too. None of that tightness or dried out irritation. And no stickiness or heavy feeling. 

Now obviously I will need to continue using this for more than one night to truley see how well it works in the long run; but I will definitely keep you updated!

If you're interested in trying ifabbo for yourself, head to and fill out the blogger application. And if you want to buy the Perlier Royal Elixir, it's on HSN right now and can be found at   That is the specific Perlier page, just copy and paste it right into your browser. 

Let me know in the comments if you give it a shot!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Indie Review:Big Spoon Laquers

Hey lovelies! Sorry I've been slightly absent; I've been planning, prepping and going on vacation. We took Honey to Disney for the first time this last week. We spent 3 days at the beach, and two days in Orlando. It was so relaxing and so so nice to be in warmth and sun!!

Before I left the wonderful Pauline from Big Spoon Lacquers sent me a wonderful swatch package!  She sent me three colors from her newest line Childhood Wonderment, all colors based on not only children's favorite movies but the messages they impart on us. 
And not only did she send me some beautiful polish but she sent a small sized Zoya polish remover and a roller of Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle oil in the Pink Sugar scent.  How sweet is that!?

One of the things I love most about indie polishes is how they arrive. Take a look at Big Spoon Lacquers packaging. 

How cute is the little spoon!?

So on to the polishes. My first is Friendship Beyond Infinity. I'm sure you can tell just by the name that it's based on Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear. It's a white crelly, jam packed with green, purple and black glitters. It's so packed that the downside is, it gets slightly thick or goopy. But still applies well and covers well in two coats. 

Next is my husbands favorite. He said never take it off, haha. It's called Dynamite Girl and it's based on Wreck it Ralph. I love Wreck it Ralph. I wish Audrey liked it more so I could watch it more. Dynamite Girl is a gorgeous jelly (super squishy jelly at that) red with different sized iridescent glitter that shine so beautifully off the red. Again two coats is perfect for coverage. And this goes on so smoothly and perfectly. All my pictures are with the colors on their own, and no undies. But I think a red under this would make it pop so nicely!!

Lastly, I received Eye on You. A grass green with tiny silver, holographic glitters. Named for Mike Wisowski from Monsters Inc and Monsters University. I love the color, but on my skin it just doesn't match well. I need a tan (which I didn't get in Florida, boo) and it will look better! But it definitely doesn't mean the color isn't beautiful!!

The Childhood Wonderment collection launches in April. For her shop visit And search Big Spoon Lacquers on Instagram for pictures of all her beautiful polishes!!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection

Omg! I received the most amazing Secret Admirer swap package this month!  Another Instagram secret swap, put together by @nessduh, another success! And in it not only did I receive a ton of stuff off my wish list, I got the entire Sea Goddess collection from China Glaze. It's their spring/summer texture line and so pretty!!  
Some are easier to apply and use than others and I'll let you know my experience with then below!

The first is Teal the Tide Turns and it's a minty green with darker green glitters. And it's my least favorite of the bunch. I don't like the dark green mixed in with the light green. It just looks funny to me. And it could just be my bottle but the brush didn't fan out during application. It stayed kind of clumped together which made it hard to apply. And it would dry with a sandy like appearance. Almost like when sand dries on your feet or skin at the beach. A few others did this too with the first few coats. And I don't really think this is a "teal" color. But that's not that important. 

Second is Sand Dolla Make You Holla. I love the name. It reminds me of a summer years and years ago, when after having some drinks with my then fiancĂ© and our friends at a large music festival in the area, we took a cab to a local bar and yelled out the window to random people "Holla for a Dolla!!"  Oh to be young and dumb again... 
But back to the polish. And this brush didn't fan out at all and stayed stuck together making application difficult. This is almost like an indie companies "crelly" but seems to lack the full execution. It also took a few extra coats to be opaque. The bottle looks like the polish would be a white polish with multiple colored micro glitters, but on it takes a more nude colored appearance. Not a favorite of mine. 

This is where the collection started to take a turn for the better for me! Wish On a Starfish is a gorgeous pale pink with a beautiful golden shimmer. I wish I could have photographed that shimmer better, but you can somewhat see it in the bottle in the photo above. Again, brush problems with this one too. But it's the last one I had a problem with. This will compliment a golden summer tan perfectly!

Tail Me Something is a purple with silver micro glitter/shimmer. Great application with really nice coverage in two coats. This one did that weird drying sandy thing that the green did. And that's my only complaint about this color!!

Shell We Dance is a darker raspberry pink with darker pink glitters that seem to appear gold or silver in some light. This is three thin coats, and the brush was perfect in this one. 

Seahorsin' Around is my absolute favorite from this collection. This picture is two coats, but to be honest you could get away with one!  It's got amazing coverage, and went on so smooth and easy. There is nothing negative about this polish. Not one. This is definitely a go to color for me from now on. The blue is gorgeous and flattering to all skin colors, and has a golden shimmer through out that you can see in the light. 

Overall I think this whole collection is worth buying. I'm sure the brushes were a fluke, but since I only have my collection to go off of, I can't be sure. But if you're looking to only purchase a few, Seahorsin' Around, Tale Me Something, and Wish on a Starfish are my suggestions!



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Giveaway Update!

I had the wrong code in the first giveaway post. So if you went to the blog already to enter, and it wasn't there I'm very sorry. It's up and running now. Go enter! Kat

**GIVEAWAY!** Montage Jeunesse Skin Care Masks

Remember a few weeks ago, I reviewed those **awesome** Montage Jeunesse skincare masks?  I had originally received them from Influenster in my Violet VoxBox, and was accepted into their VIP Blogger Program.
These masks are SO NICE. My skin felt great and looked great, after using them.  After reading my review, the company has offered to host a giveaway for my readers!!  They will give one lucky reader a full set of the three masks I reviewed:
Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask
Super Fruit Mud Mask  and
Creamy Coconut Mask

All you have to do is enter with RaffleCopter!  A few of the entry requirements are mandatory, including following my blog, Facebook page, and Montagne Jeunesse's US Facebook page.

The giveaway runs from today, January 22nd, until February 14th at midnight.  The winner will be contacted via email and posted on my Facebook page.  Enjoy!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some Updates and Some Manis

Hello lovely ladies (and daper dudes?); I hope the new year has treated you well so far!  Mine has been busy and full of polish!  The best type of year; so far. And full of fun manicures of course. I wanted to share some of the goodies and manis I've done so far this year. One was even featured as one of Bundle Monster's manis of the week!  I'll save that one for last. 

First, for the Chinese New Year, liquid Sky Lacquer (@whimsicalcolor on Instagram and created a gorgeous shimmery thermal. 
When cold, this indie polish is a beautiful golden red that shimmers in the sun. 
And when warm, a beautiful shimmery golden nude. You can see the stunning transition in the above picture. This is probably my favorite thermal that I own. 

My family does a Secret Santa (extended family that is) at Christmas. And my cousin Nicole had me this year. And does she know me or what!? 
Mariah Pure from Mariah Carey's second OPI collection. It's a top coat packed with 18 karat gold and silver flakes. The mani shown is the Pure over a steel colored Clinique polish I also got at Christmas. It's a little difficult to work with, since the flakes seem to be heavy so they sink a bit. But it's worth it when you finish the mani!

Along with the top coat, I was also given an Amazon giftcard. So of course I bought more nail polish goodies. I bought Bundle Monsters newest stamp set and a new stamper. I love the newest stamps, they are so creative. And were all submitted by fans!  
I did this lightbulb mani using Orly Liquid Vinyl and stamped with Pure Ice in Silver Mercedes. SM is the best silver for stamping. It's so thick and color dense. You get great coverage. 

Another mani I did using the new set was using two different stamps. 
I used Orly Coachelladweller Dweller and stamped with Essie Good as Gold. I love the octopus!  And his little tentacles!

And last!  Another stamped mani. My favorite mani, probably of all time. It was not anywhere near what I imagined when I started, but it turned out even more amazing than I could ever imagine! 
I stamped Zoya Mason and Orly liquid Vinyl over Color Club Harp On It. Of only it had been more than -50 outside, I would have been able to take a real picture in the sun! This was the one that Bundle Monster picked as one of their manis of the week. I've never been chosen for anything like that before and to me it feels like I really know what I'm doing and belong in the nail community!!

I also wanted to say thanks to all of you who follow, both my blog and on Instagram, and comment. I love every comment I get!  Thanks!!  And I am finally getting my Facebook page up and running!!  So search Diary Of a Polishaholic on Facebook and follow there too!

And finally, check back soon!  Those Montagne Jeunesse masks I love so much will soon be up for a giveaway, right here!  By the end of the weekend; promise!


Friday, January 17, 2014


I know there was talk about Google Reader shutting down last year, and to be honest, I have no idea what that means.  But today, as I was updating my Influenster widget, I noticed all my Google Friend Connect followers were gone. It says "No followers yet.  Be the first!"  Huh!?
I know I don't have very many followers, theres about 30 of you from GFC, but I still want it to show that people do read my blog!!  And I know there are followers on Bloglovin, but those don't show on my page!!  Wah.  I'm really saddened by this and I hope it's just a quick glitch that is being fixed!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Indie Review:Sweet Tea Polish

A few months ago, I purchased polish from a new to me indie maker Sweet Tea Polish. I found her on Facebook; someone I follow shared her page, so I checked it out. And she makes some seriously pretty polish!!

I contacted her, and she provided me with her blogger discount, and shopping I went. With it being so close to Christmas, I limited my purchase to my top three fave colors, in minis. And very shortly after I ordered, there was a package in my mailbox!  Who doesn't love fast shipping!?

The three colors I chose were Pickin Plums, a pale icy metallic lilac color, Mint Julep a pale mint green, and Kiss my Bass, a deep beautiful teal with green and gold hex glitters. 
   Mint Julep, Pickin Plums, Kiss my Bass
And how cute are the earrings she included!?  Made with Kiss my Bass. I love them!

First up, Pickin Plums. Out of the three, this was my least favorite. I love the color and her formulas are so nice and easy to apply, I just wish the color was a little brighter. Even after four coats it's still a little sheer and it just didn't match my skin tone very well. Nothing against the polish itself, it just doesn't look great on me. 

Next up, Mint Julep. I have an obsession with mint. Mint color all the things!  If I see a mint polish in a store I will buy it. I want mint jeans. I just bought three or four mint tops and sweaters with Christmas money.  Is there Mint-aholics Annonymous?  Anyways, back to this polish. Gorg. 
It's not a flat one note color. (Sorry my hands look so red in the photo..). But it's silvery and metallic-y. And such a great mint color. Again the formula is perfect. So easy to apply, no balding or streaking. A must have!!

And finally, my favorite from the order, Kiss my Bass! 
Amazing. It even looks like fish scales with the hex glitters that almost but not entirely match the color of the base. Yet reflect the light with the perfect amount of sparkle and shine. Who knew fish were so pretty!?  Two coats is perfect, and so is the formula. Not a problem getting this polish to go on evenly. More please!!

This definitely won't be my last purchase from Sweet Tea Polish, and I can't wait to see more collections! They are so nice, but don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself at She's got quite a few colors to choose from. Go now!!