Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How I ruined my mani

On top of everything else I did today, I wanted to have an awesome mani to showcase my new photos thanks to my light box.  I've been wanting to do a chevron mani forever!  However, my search for pinking sheers turned up dry today.  I meant to go back out, but it started snowing and the roads were terrible.  So I did a fishtail instead.  Only I wanted this fishtail to pop! To be awesomely awesome.  I racked my brain for ideas, and decided if three colors on a fishtail was neat, FOUR would be better!! Right?!  So wrong. 

When you do three colors on a fishtail, the colors alternate down (up?) the nail.  When you do four, two colors stay on one side, while the other two stay on the opposite side.  Not what I was picturing.  However, for the sake of the blog, I did take pictures of each step as I was working.

I started with two coats of Orly Blue Collar on all my nails and topped with Seche Vite.  I fishtailed the ring finger of my left hand.  I used Orly Fancy Fuchsia, Blue Collar, Liquid Vinyl, and Sally Hansen Xtreme White On.
 It's a little difficult to explain exactly how I do this in words, so I am just going to post the pictures.  I didn't take pictures all the way through.  Just the first few steps, and then repeat until the end of the nail.

 See what I mean about two colors stay on one side?  It's not terrible, but it's not what I was pcituring in my head. Forgive the lack of cleanup on the ring finger, I wasn't planning on keeping the mani, so I never cleaned.

What do you think of the new pics? I loooove my light box!

On another note, I couldn't take it anymore today and ordered the Hope and Freedom Fest 6 pack today.  And, I think I sense a giveaway about to happen!  Once I receive the set (they say by the weekend) , I will give you all more details!!


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