Monday, February 18, 2013

Punky Pinks

Today I was super thrown off!! I usually work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  But today, Bebe'e school was closed for Teacher Enrichment Day (aka Presidents Day, lets be honest).  So I moved days around and I was off today and I'm working tomorrow.  Even Hubs was thrown off. 

Anyways, it was quite an exciting day off.  Bebe and I stayed in our PJs until close to lunch, until we had to go buy a new vacuum.  Because as she said "The old vacuum is stupid mama."  Oh great language, three year old!  But she was right. It was too loud, and it seemed to not pick anything up.  So we bought a super heavy duty vacuum today.  Every womans dream, right?  This one better work!

And a quick update on last nights manicure.  Since I was having Seche issues, I decided to use Nina Ultra Pro quick dry top coat.  And I will not be doing that again.  Before I even went to bed last night, all the tape peeled at the corners and was coming off.  Also, it must be a quick dry top coat thing, but my Nina is half way gone and suuuper thick!! 

So for tonight's manicure, I used stripping tape again, but I didn't leave it on like last night. I just used it to make the design.  I started with 3 coats of Orly's Beach Cruiser.  It dried pretty matte, which I was not expecting!  Which is why I needed 3 coats, it was drying too quick and showing a lot of brush lines. I evened it with a coat of seche, both to even it and dry it quickly.  Then I put stripping tape across the nail,going up (or down) the nail.

 I recently bought Orly's Liquid Vinyl to replace my Finger Paints black.  It's gotten thick and I reserve it for stamping only now. Slightly too thick polish is perfect for stamping, FYI :)

But I digress.  I put about a coat and a half of the black over the tape.  Just enough to make it even and opaque.  When I use tape that I will be pulling off the nail, I take it off almost as soon as I'm done painting. Otherwise it pulls too much and lifts the polish and makes a huge mess.
 And here is the finished product!!
 I did the pointer finger on each hand opposite from the rest of all the other fingers.  And please ignore the slight imperfection on my pinky. That's what happens when you wait too long to pull up the tape.   I'm really loving this manicure tonight! It's fun and edgy and reminds me of my punk hase from when I was younger, haha!

Enjoy your nights!!  I should get my laundry in the dryer so I have something to wear for work tomorrow!!!  Something to match my nails, hello.


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