Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Busy busy day!

Holy day off!!  First things first, this post may be a bit photo heavy.  I found all the pieces (charger, USB cord, etc) for my digital camera!  No more phone pics.  And that led me to making a light box.  I didn't feel like shell out between $50 and $150 for a premade one. It was really simple and took maybe 45, when I factor in the time it took to explain to BeBe that it was not, in fact a home for her night light bug.

So I took an empty cardboard box and cut out the sides and the top:

I reenforced the edges with duct tape to make it more sturdy.  Then I covered the windows with white tissue paper.  The tutorial I read also said you could use vellum paper if you have that too. It's more durable then the tissue paper.

Finally, I taped a piece of posterboard to the top inside corners and let it slope down to the bottom and stick out.  Don't fold it into the bottom of the box. You want it to drape down, like a photo background.

 I need to get a desk lamp to shine light down into the box from the top window to make it perfect, but for now I use a lamp without the lampshade on.  It works well!  The quality of my photos has just gone through the roof!!

On top of that, I also created a new Twitter account and Instagram account specifically for this blog.  You can find those links on the right hand side of the blog.  Or you can search for @diaryaholic on Twitter or @diarypolishaholic on Instagram.  Add me <3


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