Thursday, March 27, 2014

Indie Review:Big Spoon Laquers

Hey lovelies! Sorry I've been slightly absent; I've been planning, prepping and going on vacation. We took Honey to Disney for the first time this last week. We spent 3 days at the beach, and two days in Orlando. It was so relaxing and so so nice to be in warmth and sun!!

Before I left the wonderful Pauline from Big Spoon Lacquers sent me a wonderful swatch package!  She sent me three colors from her newest line Childhood Wonderment, all colors based on not only children's favorite movies but the messages they impart on us. 
And not only did she send me some beautiful polish but she sent a small sized Zoya polish remover and a roller of Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle oil in the Pink Sugar scent.  How sweet is that!?

One of the things I love most about indie polishes is how they arrive. Take a look at Big Spoon Lacquers packaging. 

How cute is the little spoon!?

So on to the polishes. My first is Friendship Beyond Infinity. I'm sure you can tell just by the name that it's based on Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear. It's a white crelly, jam packed with green, purple and black glitters. It's so packed that the downside is, it gets slightly thick or goopy. But still applies well and covers well in two coats. 

Next is my husbands favorite. He said never take it off, haha. It's called Dynamite Girl and it's based on Wreck it Ralph. I love Wreck it Ralph. I wish Audrey liked it more so I could watch it more. Dynamite Girl is a gorgeous jelly (super squishy jelly at that) red with different sized iridescent glitter that shine so beautifully off the red. Again two coats is perfect for coverage. And this goes on so smoothly and perfectly. All my pictures are with the colors on their own, and no undies. But I think a red under this would make it pop so nicely!!

Lastly, I received Eye on You. A grass green with tiny silver, holographic glitters. Named for Mike Wisowski from Monsters Inc and Monsters University. I love the color, but on my skin it just doesn't match well. I need a tan (which I didn't get in Florida, boo) and it will look better! But it definitely doesn't mean the color isn't beautiful!!

The Childhood Wonderment collection launches in April. For her shop visit And search Big Spoon Lacquers on Instagram for pictures of all her beautiful polishes!!