Monday, March 11, 2013

Three Hard Candy Swatches and Review

Did you all have a great weekend?  Are you experiencing the "Daylight Savings Hangover"?   I certainly was today. 

So, this weekend after my baby free night, I went to Walmart, in search of Hard Candy Polishes.  When I was in middle school in the 1990s, Hard Candy was huge!  I coveted it since Alicia Silverstone wore 'Sky', a light blue (what wasn't sky blue in the late 90s!?) on David Letterman.  But since I was in 6th grade and was making very little babysitting, I could only dream since then it was being sold in department stores.  The bottles back then where small and square, with a plastic (usually) heart shaped ring around the handle.

I had this ad hanging around my room; I cut each piece out numerous times and hung them everywhere.  Seeing this brings back serious memories. 

So when I saw they partnered with Walmart and brought out new polishes, I couldn't WAIT to try it out.  It took a few trips to a few Walmarts, but it paid off and I finally found it!  I bought three to try initially.

From left to right: Tinsel Town, Gummy Green, and Cocoa S'more. Sorry they aren't in the same order on the wheel!!

 Tinsel Town is gold, blue, green and purple bar glitter in a thin blueish base.  The first two fingers in just Tinsel Town (2ish coats) and the last two is 1.5 coats over one coat of Orly's Liquid Vinyl.  I will use it over another color 99% of the time.  I haven't been a huge fan of bar glitter in the past, but I really like this!

This is Cocoa S'More. It's a thin beige cream with black and white glitter throughout, giving it this speckled appearance.  This is actually a complete dupe for Nails Inc. Sugar House Lane from their Sprinkles line!  With a top coat, it's smooth and not harsh from the glitter. I love this speckled look!

This is Gummy Green, it's a mint green cream with the same white and black glitter from Cocoa S'more.  I love this color (it's the mint green obsession); it makes me really want mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I just realized that's probably why I took BeBe for a mint oreo blizzard from DQ after work...

Anyways, after swatching I did a mani with all Gummy Green with a Cocoa S'more accent ring finger.  I really like these polishes. It's not Sky, but they still satisfied my inner 13 year old.


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