Sunday, March 17, 2013

Holy Excitment Batman!

I have so many exciting things to tell you about from this weekend!!  And I have a mani for you :)

First of all, Erin over at Black Sheep Lacquer created a fun new nail polish a few weeks back, and opened up the name of the polish to her fans. 

Photo courtesy of Black Sheep Laquer
I entered the name "Circus Freak", and she picked it!!  So as a thank you, she will be sending me a mini of the polish.  I will definitely be swatching and reviewing this polish for you guys when I receive it! Look at all that amazing color and glitter!!  

Second, I entered an Instagram giveaway for a TON (literally, a ton) of prizes.  I wasn't thinking I had a shot of winning, but when I signed onto Instagram last night I was surprised and excited to see that I won!  Listen to all these goodies:
1. Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe set of 7 glitter polish
2. Dermystique Moisturizing Skin Serum with 24k gold flakes (interesting!)
3. Swatching Wheel
4. Crushed Velvet for nail art
5. 2 Sation nail polish (Confessions of a Nail Tech and The One & Phony)
6. Revlon Moon Candy Polish
7. 3 Princessa nail colors (green glitter, teal glitter, and copper glitter)  and finally, 
8. Wet n Wild 8 color eyeshadow palette.

How amazing does that all sound!?  

And the most exciting part!?  I found a new indie polish maker on facebook.  I messaged her and asked if she was looking for people to review and swatch her polishes, and she was!!  Her line is called EllaGee, and you can find her on Etsy soon, and this is her Facebook page.  Here's a sneak peek at her first collection:

Photo Courtesy of EllaGee polish

Super gorgeous right!?  I can't wait to test these babies out.

The least exciting part of this whole post is my nails tonight haha.  They are actually a nail art fail. A while back I bought a 10 pack of crafting scissors and I haven't used them since my chevron mani from a few weeks ago. I really wanted to do a wave mani, with two contrasting colors.  I love the colors, but the idea in my head was so much cooler. And since I wasn't happy with the first hand (my left hand) I tried a different pair of scissors on my second hand.  

So I started with a base color of OPI DS Reserve.  Such a gorgeous pink holo, that goes on gorgeously.
I added a watermark, because I'm worried about people stealing my photos. I see so many photos all over the internet from my favorite nail blogs, with no photo courtesies, so I've made a watermark to protect my photos.
And the contrasting color was Orly Liquid Vinyl. I cut pieces of scotch tape with the scissors, and placed it over half my nail and painted the black.  I immediately peeled the tape off, so it didn't pull away the polish, making a nail mess.

This is obviously my left hand.  And I wish this was a more defined wave.  It kind of just looked like I drew a freehand line down the center of my nail.

And this is my right hand.  I like this cut more, but I wish it was a little sharper.  I mean it's ok, but I guess I'm my own worst critic.  And of course, there is that stupid black smudge from the Seche. Wah.

So both of my hands are different, and that is going to drive me crazy tomorrow, but I don't want to take it all off tonight.  

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!!


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