Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm still here!!

Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've been swamped at work with a project and Hubs was off the last two nights, so I spent some quality time with him and BeBe.  But there's a few things going on in my nail world lately.
First of all, last week I mentioned I bought a new China Glaze holo in Cosmic Dust off Ebay.  Well, I received that in the mail on Monday.  I could not WAIT to tear into it, and test it out.  What a disappointment!!  I was hoping the negative reviews I read were wrong. They weren't.  First of all, when I would put the color on, not only was it really thick, but it would "bald".  It would pull the polish off, everytime I would go over it with another coat.

See how obnoxious this is?!  Which means also, that it took about 3 coats to make it opaque. 

Even then, it was a terrible application; it showed every flaw and imperfection.


China Glaze had said, since this was a "true holo" it would be slightly more expensive than their everyday polish, with an MSRP of $14.99.  Which I personally think is ridiculous, considering how poor quality I think this is. Compared to Color Club at $10, it's a waste.

Here's a comparison of the two, the first and ring finger are China Glaze, and the other two are Color Club Angel Kiss.  

So for my mani last night (and today) I took the China Glaze off, and replaced it with the Color Club. It was a sunny (but FREEZING) day out today, perfect for a holo.  And then I did some funky geometric shapes with striping tape and black polish. It turned out uh-mazing!  I'm so happy with it, that tonight I'm going to do it to the rest of my nails.

So pretty, right?!  I'm in love.

And the other thing that I' super excited about, I figured out how to use the macro setting on my digital camera!!  Just in time for my review of ellagee's first collection.  Speaking of ellagee, she'd got a presale going on now, and all products will be shipped out April 1st, after the official opening of her shop.  I believe she said all preorders will be shipped with a little surprise to say thank you!! You can purchase or check it out here.  
And here's a look at my macro ability, using Orly's Right Amount of Evil:

Hooray!!!  I love it!


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  1. Thanks for being honest about the polish. I was really on the fence about these for a few reasons...price, lack of holos, not having good results with cg lately, but this post really helped put my money back in my wallet :)