Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Indie Review: Stardust Polish

I've recently discovered so many indie polish makers on Instagram.  And I want to BUY ALL THE POLISHES!!  Unfortunately, I'm not independently wealthy, or wealthy at all actually; so I can't buy them all.  But, I just couldn't pass on a few. And the most recent one to show up on my doorstep was Black Hole by Stardust Polish. 

She's about to release the first half of her Space collection, and had a pre-order about a week ago.  As soon as I saw Black Hole, I KNEW I needed at least a mini. It's a gorgeous black holo, packed with holographic glitter.  So I did it. It was completely an impulse buy; I barely breathed between seeing the picture and entering my PayPal information.  And then impatiently waited the week or so it took for me to receive it.

And finally on Wednesday it was waiting for me when I got home from work. And to make things even better, she gave me a mini of another color White Dwarf.  It's a sheer white packed with tons of glitter. 

And since Hubs was still off Wednesday night, I didn't have to wait for BeBe to go to bed before I started playing!! While they were playing whatever crazy monster games fathers play with their daughters, I did this:

P.S. that nail envy was found for $7.99 at Marshalls. Love.

So since there were two polishes, and I couldn't decide which to use first, I decided on a mani that used both of them, duh.

Picture taken in lightbox with flash.

The Black Hole is a great formula.  It applies really well, there was some slight balding on one nail.  And it really was jammmm packed with glitter.  As for the White Dwarf, I really liked it in the bottle.  When I told Drema (the polish creator) that I received the polishes, she wanted to know specifically what I thought about White Dwarf, because she thought she may have made it too opaque. My middle finger has Sally Hansen White On under the White Dwarf, and my ring finger is just 2 coats of White Dwarf.  It's difficult to see the glitter in the pictures.  It's easier in real life, but I told Drema I agreed with the idea of making it less opaque.  But I do love both of these polishes, and they are unlike any other polishes I have.  I actually think Black Hole is my favorite polish in my collection. 

 Taken in lightbox with no flash
 Taken in lightbox with no flash
Please ignore the chip, this was the following day, and soley my fault for being so hard on my nails at work that day. This is (obviously) taken in the sun.  This color is seriously amazing in the sun!!

Stardust Polish's space collection will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, March 30th, at  She's in the middle of a last minute switch from Store Envy, so I'm unable to link that site for you, sorry!  Once it's live, I will update the blog with the link.  She's also currently got some thermal polishes that look uh-mazing, as well as plenty of other colors to choose from.  So check her out.  You can also find her on Instagram @stardustpolish.  


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  1. These are so pretty! I *love* Black Hole!! I haven't tried this brand, but it looks like I need to. :)