Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ellagee Polish Review

All products in this review were sent to me, free of charge from the creator, in exchange for my honest opinion.

I have something so so so so exciting for you today!! My very first indie polish review!!

 I found ellagee polish on facebook through the page of another nail blogger.  She was looking for bloggers to review her debut collection, and I jumped at the chance.  Her first collection is called Sparkling Spring Wildflowers and they are gorgeous bright, springy glitters!!

*Photo courtesy of ellagee polish*

So when I got home from work yesterday, my ellagee package was waiting for me!!  I couldn't wait to tear into it and put the polish on.

I got three mini polishes, two from this collection and one from an even newer collection that will be releasing later this spring.  

From the Wildflower collection I received Fluttery Meadow (green) and Prairie Clover (purple), plus Fly Me to the Moon from her upcoming You're The Top collection.  She also sent a cute little file and a pack of Smarties, that BeBe promptly declared hers and ate before I could even say anything.  

First Impressions:
*These were my two favorites from the collection, and I was super stoked to get them as my review!
*What a cute bag they are in!
*Awww, a mini file (BeBe named it Aurora)
*Fly Me to the Moon!!  Frank Sinatra.  (My dad is a huge Frank Sinatra fan, and we danced to a Frank song at my wedding)
*Can I get away with sneaking away to do my nails without Hubs and BeBe realizing I'm gone?

I was able to sneak off into our bedroom while Hubs worked on some homework, and BeBe watched TV and played princesses; just as soon as I made them dinner.  I did a quick test of the polish on three fingers right away, and that picture can be found on the ellagee facebook page.  And then I did the colors over coats of a matching polish.  First up is Fluttery Meadow:

Please forgive my macros today, my camera didn't want to cooperate with me. 
Fluttery Meadow is a gorgeous spring green jelly base with silver bar glitter, and green hex glitter and circle glitter, as well as silver circles.  And the best part, silver butterflies!!  So cute, and such a nice touch. This color went on nicely, but out of the three it had the least glitter per swipe on the nail.  Does that make sense?  Of course, as with all larger glitter, you have to fish for the butterflies most of the time, but that is expected.  The color is rich from the first application and builds nicely.  It was mostly opaque in two coats by itself, but three would be perfectly opaque.  This really is a perfect green for spring!

 One coat of Fluttery Meadow over one coat of Sinful Exotic Green
Two coats of Fluttery Meadow alone

Next is Prairie Clover, a pretty purple jelly with a ton of glitter packed in!  

There is medium purple/pink/red glitter, with a variety of sizes of silver glitters, with silver square glitter. Or is it pale purple?  Either way, it's gorgeous! It goes on the nail so so well, and there is a great amount of glitter with each application.  It goes on the nail well, and the glitter tends to stay put; it doesn't seem to gravitate towards the tip of name like some glitters will.  This is my favorite of the three.  The formula is wonderfully jelly and easy to work with. Like Fluttery Meadow this builds nicely on the nail and takes about three coats to be fully opaque.
 Two coats of Prairie Clover over one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Grey Area
Two coats of Prairie Clover alone

And finally, is Fly Me to the Moon.  It's a clear base with loads of silver glitter.

I wish my camera had cooperated, especially with this one, because the glitter is so amazing.  The glitter in the picture that is picking up purple or grey or green are actually holographic glitters.  ANd there are about 3 or 4 different sized glitters in here.  Again, each application of this polish puts an amazing amount of glitter on the nail, and it stays put.  This is the perfect glitter for a glitter gradient design, and I can't wait to try that out with Fly Me to the Moon.  Like I said in my first impressions, my dad's favorite musician is Frank Sinatra, so anything Frank reminds me of him.  And since my parents currently live in Germany, I don't get to see him as much as I would like.  So that gives this polish even more points in my book :)  I also think the name is really fitting for the color.  

Two coats of Fly Me to the Moon over one coat of Orly Dazzle
Two coats of Fly Me to the Moon alone (sorry about the blur)

Over all, I'm really impressed with this collection.  The colors are bright and perfect for spring, and the formulas are really nice. I think the names fit well with the colors, and the colors all work for the collection.  ellagee polish is available for sale on etsy here. Currently she is having a preorder, and the store will officially open March 30th.  The Sparkling Spring Wildflowers is the only collection that will be available, and again that collection includes the Fluttery Meadow and Prairie Clover.  The collection with Fly Me to the Moon will be released in April.  To check out reviews of some other colors from these two collections, check out Rambles of a Polish Addict.  You can find ellagee on facebook as well here.  Go show her some love!!


*Again, all products were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.


  1. Thank you so much, Kat! I'm so happy you liked them, the review looks great :)

  2. Fly me to the moon looks amazing!