Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some Updates and Some Manis

Hello lovely ladies (and daper dudes?); I hope the new year has treated you well so far!  Mine has been busy and full of polish!  The best type of year; so far. And full of fun manicures of course. I wanted to share some of the goodies and manis I've done so far this year. One was even featured as one of Bundle Monster's manis of the week!  I'll save that one for last. 

First, for the Chinese New Year, liquid Sky Lacquer (@whimsicalcolor on Instagram and created a gorgeous shimmery thermal. 
When cold, this indie polish is a beautiful golden red that shimmers in the sun. 
And when warm, a beautiful shimmery golden nude. You can see the stunning transition in the above picture. This is probably my favorite thermal that I own. 

My family does a Secret Santa (extended family that is) at Christmas. And my cousin Nicole had me this year. And does she know me or what!? 
Mariah Pure from Mariah Carey's second OPI collection. It's a top coat packed with 18 karat gold and silver flakes. The mani shown is the Pure over a steel colored Clinique polish I also got at Christmas. It's a little difficult to work with, since the flakes seem to be heavy so they sink a bit. But it's worth it when you finish the mani!

Along with the top coat, I was also given an Amazon giftcard. So of course I bought more nail polish goodies. I bought Bundle Monsters newest stamp set and a new stamper. I love the newest stamps, they are so creative. And were all submitted by fans!  
I did this lightbulb mani using Orly Liquid Vinyl and stamped with Pure Ice in Silver Mercedes. SM is the best silver for stamping. It's so thick and color dense. You get great coverage. 

Another mani I did using the new set was using two different stamps. 
I used Orly Coachelladweller Dweller and stamped with Essie Good as Gold. I love the octopus!  And his little tentacles!

And last!  Another stamped mani. My favorite mani, probably of all time. It was not anywhere near what I imagined when I started, but it turned out even more amazing than I could ever imagine! 
I stamped Zoya Mason and Orly liquid Vinyl over Color Club Harp On It. Of only it had been more than -50 outside, I would have been able to take a real picture in the sun! This was the one that Bundle Monster picked as one of their manis of the week. I've never been chosen for anything like that before and to me it feels like I really know what I'm doing and belong in the nail community!!

I also wanted to say thanks to all of you who follow, both my blog and on Instagram, and comment. I love every comment I get!  Thanks!!  And I am finally getting my Facebook page up and running!!  So search Diary Of a Polishaholic on Facebook and follow there too!

And finally, check back soon!  Those Montagne Jeunesse masks I love so much will soon be up for a giveaway, right here!  By the end of the weekend; promise!


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