Sunday, February 16, 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection

Omg! I received the most amazing Secret Admirer swap package this month!  Another Instagram secret swap, put together by @nessduh, another success! And in it not only did I receive a ton of stuff off my wish list, I got the entire Sea Goddess collection from China Glaze. It's their spring/summer texture line and so pretty!!  
Some are easier to apply and use than others and I'll let you know my experience with then below!

The first is Teal the Tide Turns and it's a minty green with darker green glitters. And it's my least favorite of the bunch. I don't like the dark green mixed in with the light green. It just looks funny to me. And it could just be my bottle but the brush didn't fan out during application. It stayed kind of clumped together which made it hard to apply. And it would dry with a sandy like appearance. Almost like when sand dries on your feet or skin at the beach. A few others did this too with the first few coats. And I don't really think this is a "teal" color. But that's not that important. 

Second is Sand Dolla Make You Holla. I love the name. It reminds me of a summer years and years ago, when after having some drinks with my then fianc√© and our friends at a large music festival in the area, we took a cab to a local bar and yelled out the window to random people "Holla for a Dolla!!"  Oh to be young and dumb again... 
But back to the polish. And this brush didn't fan out at all and stayed stuck together making application difficult. This is almost like an indie companies "crelly" but seems to lack the full execution. It also took a few extra coats to be opaque. The bottle looks like the polish would be a white polish with multiple colored micro glitters, but on it takes a more nude colored appearance. Not a favorite of mine. 

This is where the collection started to take a turn for the better for me! Wish On a Starfish is a gorgeous pale pink with a beautiful golden shimmer. I wish I could have photographed that shimmer better, but you can somewhat see it in the bottle in the photo above. Again, brush problems with this one too. But it's the last one I had a problem with. This will compliment a golden summer tan perfectly!

Tail Me Something is a purple with silver micro glitter/shimmer. Great application with really nice coverage in two coats. This one did that weird drying sandy thing that the green did. And that's my only complaint about this color!!

Shell We Dance is a darker raspberry pink with darker pink glitters that seem to appear gold or silver in some light. This is three thin coats, and the brush was perfect in this one. 

Seahorsin' Around is my absolute favorite from this collection. This picture is two coats, but to be honest you could get away with one!  It's got amazing coverage, and went on so smooth and easy. There is nothing negative about this polish. Not one. This is definitely a go to color for me from now on. The blue is gorgeous and flattering to all skin colors, and has a golden shimmer through out that you can see in the light. 

Overall I think this whole collection is worth buying. I'm sure the brushes were a fluke, but since I only have my collection to go off of, I can't be sure. But if you're looking to only purchase a few, Seahorsin' Around, Tale Me Something, and Wish on a Starfish are my suggestions!



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  1. Love the blue one at the end, those look very textured!