Thursday, April 18, 2013

Swatch Crazy

I've been MIA lately, I've just had no motivation to pull out the laptop lately.  BeBe has been going to bed later, so by the time I have me time, I just have time to paint my nails and by the time they are dry I just don't want to upload and edit pics.  So I'm sorry I have been neglecting all my lovely followers.  To make up for it, I have quite a few swatch pics for you all.

First is from a company called Above the Curve.  They make gorgeous handmade polishes, and $1 from each polish sold is donated to Shiners Hospitals for Children.  Every Friday on their facebook page, they have a bunch of giveaways, and that's how I got my hands on their beautiful purple holo called Wisteria.

Two coats of ATC Wisteria, with flash

It was perfectly opaque in two coats, and I topped it with coat of Seche Vite. I love how well this covered the nail with just two coats.  The color is pure, and the holo completes the whole polish. One can never have too many holos in their collection!  Another thing I loved about this company was when I first received my giveaway prize and swatched it, there was very little pigment to the polish.  Which was inconsistent with other swatches I had seen.  I contacted the company via their facebook, and explained.  They got back to me within a day and explain that they had mixed up the trial batch with the batches being sent out.  I received my new polish within 5 days.  Great customer service, even for a polish that I won.  Thanks for a great polish Above the Curve!!

No flash in light box, two coats

Two coats in sun, one day later

I'm off every Tuesday, and I had the perfect way to spend this weeks off day.  My coworker told me about a new polish supply store she found near our airport.  She told tales of walls full of polish, and $2.50 China Glaze.  This can't be true, can it?!

So I took BeBe to the park (the sun was actually out!) and after we drove to this mythical place with cheap polish.  It sounded way to good to be true, and I figured even if it wasn't that cheap, it would still be worth a trip.  It did not disappoint!  It was a tiny little shop, and it really was walls full of polish.  Color Club, Sation, China Glaze, Orly, OPI...nothing over $8!  My coworker was right, China Glaze was $2.50!  WHAT?!  

All the polishes were grouped by company, but all the colors were thrown together, and not organized.  It was a little tough to shop with BeBe running around wanting to touch everything (she's got her mamas love of polish).  However, I was able to find two of my lemmings!  I picked up 4 polishes, 3 for me, 1 for my nail mail buddy.  

The first color I got was a color I had seen at Sallys in their clearanced polish.  But when I opened it, it was soooo thick that it would be unusable, even with thinner I think.  It's called Angel Wings, and it's from their 2012 holiday collection.

It's a gold based polish, packed with glitter; some holo, some non.  Unfortunately even in the sun, I couldn't quite capture the glitteriness of this color.  For those of you who have been searching for the Ulta exclusive "Ulta-mate Holiday", but are having trouble, or don't want to pay the $25 asking price on eBay, I've got good news for you.  This baby is a 100% dupe.  And it was a whopping $2.50.

The second color is the first of my lemmings.  Not one that I've had a super hard time finding. I just haven;t gotten around to buying it off eBay. 
two coats, in lightbox, no flash

Orly's Miss Conduct, from their Naughty or Nice collection.  This glitter is gorgeous, and bonus, not hard to remove!!  It's a easily applied magenta base packed full of silver macro glitter.  Such a girly color, perfect for almost any mani.  This is the first Orly I really had to have that I couldn't find in stores.  

And one of my biggest lemmings!!!  OPI, My Private Jet.  It's a beautiful brown holo!

Two coats, sunlight

This color is even prettier in real life than I imagined.  I'm so glad I'm not one of those girls who only wears dark colors in the fall and winter!  Because as soon as the sun is out again (not in the forecast for another week, I'm dying) this bad boy will find itself on my fingers again!  Again, this can easily be found on eBay for a really reasonable price, I just hadn't gotten around to it.  And it was only $5 at the supply shop.  How can that be beat?

I will 100% be returning to the supply store (sans BeBe) and I will spend quite some time searching for hard to find, unusual polishes for my never ending collection.

Which are your lemmings, your have to have, can't live without polishes?  



  1. first one... absolutely stunning. actually, i change my mind. they're all gorg!

  2. Love love love it!!! Paradise for nail polish addicts like me :D