Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Ipsy Glam Bag

Back in January, I learned about and signed up for the Ipsy Glam bag (sign up or learn more here).  Each month, they send you a beauty bag and it's filled with 4-5 deluxe sized samples.  And usually one item is full sized!  It's $10 a month with free shipping, and you receive your bag around the 10-15 of the month. Then they ask that you review the products and share the looks you've created.  

Unfortunately when I signed up, I was wait listed, due to popularity of the bag.  But this month I finally got my first bag!  

 How cute is the packaging it's shipped in?  I can't wait to continue to see this pink bag in my mail each month!!

How awesome is all this stuff?!  And I was so excited to get a nail polish!  Two of the products are full sized, the nail polish and the Be a Bombshell Blush.  The others are all deluxe sized samples, meaning you can use them all more than once.

The polish I got was Sation's Love at First Byte.  It's a pale, creamy pink.  I'm not a huge fan of the color, but it might be a nice muted pedicure color?

The blush is Be a Bombshell's Sweet Cheeks.  It's a shimmery pink, that looks bright in the container, but it's actually pretty tame and pale in real life, at least on my skin.

Sorry for the awkward hand pose, I'm new to swatching makeup ;)

This is MICA shimmer powder is Earth.  It's a mineral makeup line.  This is a great shimmery nude that I will be using quite frequently, I can tell you that already.  I love shimmery eye makeup, especially nudes.  One of the nice things about Ipsy, is that along with your bag and samples, you get coupon codes for each product, and usually the entire online store for that company!  So I feel I will be using the MICA coupon code!

This shimmer is pale on my skin, but noticable, and I can't wait to try it along my brow bone tomorrow, and maybe the inner corner of my eyes.

I'm excited about the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal!!  It's a styling treatment that has argon oil, which I love.  The directions on the bottle say to apply a small amount to damp hair to help speed up drying time or apply to dry hair to fight frizz and add shine.  The speedier drying time is why I'm so excited!  I have SUUUUPER thick hair, and sometimes I can stand under a blow dryer for close to 45 minutes. I could have done a cute mani in that time!  And, it smells amazing!  

Another thing about Ipsy, is that you may notice that some people received one or two different items than you did.  In my case, I noticed yesterday that one girl got a pinker Sation polish, an eye shadow by Two Cosmetics, and Big Sexy Hair volumizing powder.  When you signup, they have you fill out a beauty survey, similar to Julep or Shoe Fab, to make sure you receive products you would use the most. I'm so glad I didn't get the volumizing powder, because it's something I would never use, due to the fact I would never need to! 

I'm super excited about this whole bag, and I can't wait to use the products on my face tomorrow!  I have yet to decide on a mani for tonight/tomorrow, so I probably won't swatch the polish for a few days; but as soon as I do, you'll be the first to know!


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  1. I've had ipsy since October of 2012 and this is the first month that my mom got her bag before I did! I ship it to my parents house And I'm getting nervous that perhaps it got lost in the mail. This months bag looks so good too!