Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gorgeous Glitter

How has everyone's week been? I've been exhausted each night after work, and by the time I get BeBe down for bed, I just have no motivation to do anything.  Of course, I've been doing my nails; that's a given.  But no motivation for anything beyond that.

So I do have a few pics and things for you tonight.  First I've been playing with all those China Glaze polishes I got last week. I have swatches of three of those, plus some amazing glitter I purchased on a whim after seeing it on Instgram.

So best things first, the glitter!  It's from a company called Nabi; and I found it on Amazon for $3.50 shipped.  I have heard of people finding it in random dollar stores, or unusual stores, like hidden gems.  The color I got is called Nabi Jumbo Purple Glitter.

And it's even more amazing in person.

I'll show you the swatches of the polish without the glitter first, and then with this insane glitter.

This is Flying Dragon from the China Glaze Ink collection.  All the colors are super bright, and centered around old school traditional tattoos.  It's a bright (BRIGHT!) purple matte polish with iridescent purple glitter and bright blue glitter.  It's one of the most unique colors I have.

And here is the polish with 2 coats of the Nabi glitter. Please excuse the chips.  I had a rough hand day at work, and I couldn't wait to test the Nabi once I opened it :)
This is Turned Up Turquoise, from the China Glaze Neon collection.  Again, a super bright polish that dries quickly, and matte.  Sorry these are messy, it was before clean up, and it's the only picture of this color I have.

This one, obviously, isn't the clearest of pictures.  But out of focus you can see even more of the glitter, I think.

The one downside to the amazingness of the glitter, it stinks.  Terribly. I'm going to have to figure out a way to counteract that downside.

And this is on my nails currently, Swing Baby, from Vintage Vixen.  For those wondering, I found these in the permanent display at my local Sallys.  This is 3 coats of this gorgeous gold. I love how subtle the color is, yet so shiny and pretty.  I've debated about stamping over this with some dark zebra stripes, but I can't decide.  Maybe I'll sleep on it and decide in the morning?


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  1. Holy crap, that China Glaze with the flakie combo is awesome. I tagged you for a Liebster Award today!