Monday, April 29, 2013

Sally's Nail Haul

I've been on an indie polish kick lately, so I hadn't been in Sally's much all month.  Which means, I missed out on the buy two get one free promo, except for once at the beginning of the month!  On Friday I got an email about weekend deals at Sallys; and inside was 2/$10 China Glaze, which due to the buy two, get one, really means 3/$10!

I needed to get out of the house for a bit on Saturday by myself, so I ran to Sallys. I've been hoping I can find the China Glaze texture polish, and so far I've come up empty.  I did find the Glitz and Pieces collection on clearance for $3.29, so I picked one of those up, outside of the promo deal.  As for the promo, I got three of their permanent collection colors.  Plus I still had my 15% off coupon for being a Beauty Club member.  So my grand total for all these was $11.88!

From left to right: Thataway, Razzle Me Dazzle Me, Prism, Sweet Hook

Thataway is a unique coral/gold/peach shimmer, from their Core collection.  It's China Glaze, so of course the formula is outstanding and it's opaque in 3 coats. 
I bought this color as an impulse because I needed a third "free"color, and wasn't sure how I felt about it once I got in the car.  Which I'm not ashamed to admit, happens a lot.  But I'm surprised how much I like this color on! It's definitely a keeper!!  I can't wait see what it looks like once my pasty skin gets a tan.

The second is Razzle Me, Dazzle Me from their Glitz and Pieces line from fall/winter of this year.  It's got skinny black bar glitter, giant black hexes, small black and bronze-ish colored hexes, and tiny black glitters.  It's got so much glitter in each swipe on the nail; it's gorgeous.  

Two coats of Razzle Me, Dazzle me over China Glaze Naked
I was having hard time picking up the genuine color of both of the colors in the mani above. It was night time, so dark, and BeBe was sleeping, and she has the best light for my lightbox. But I love this mani. It's so glittery and pretty; the colors go so well together.

Prism is a pretty lavender/silver glitter with a rainbow of different larger glitters in them.  I don't think I would wear it alone, but as an accent nail, it's on! 

The formula is great, of course, and this is only two coats, so it covers very nice.  I don't think it would work well as a glitter top coat since it is easily opaque. It would cover the base polish too much, making the mani pointless.

And finally my favorite of the bunch, Sweet Hook from the Electropop Collection.  It's a pale lavender cream, that is similar to the purple from Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection.  This is a flat lavender however, unlike the Sinful which has a shimmer undertone to it. 
This color is opaque in three coats, and is doable in two, but it was slightly streaky with the second coat.  The third helped even it out.  It's perfect for a mani by itself, and it's perfect for nail art and other fun ideas, thanks to the thickness of the polish.  

I'm bummed that the buy two get one free sale is almost over, it's good through April 30th, which unfortunately is tomorrow.  But if you have time, get over there now!  Buy buy buy!


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  1. I love what you did with that pink China Glaze polish very nice.