Monday, November 11, 2013

Another year...

Why does time go by so quickly?!  Last weekend we celebrated Honey's FOURTH birthday. 


How is this possible. Why don't they stay baby's for longer than they do?  I still remember the day she no longer let me hold her for her bedtime bottle.  And now she runs into her classroom when we get to school, barely looking back. 

I know this is a nail, well more so beauty, blog. But I've been MIA lately as I've been spending time with my rapidly growing up baby girl. And while I don't have any planned out nail posts for you, I wanted to share a few photos from her party. 

    Who needs a fancy-schmancy cake?

This was the first time she had friends at a birthday party and she couldn't wait for them to arrive!  And I couldn't believe she sat still while I curled her hair. 

       Family shot with the birthday girl

And can I brag about another thing quickly?  

We don't have much room in our house, and most of Honey's room was taken up by her unnecessary full size bed. So I had the brilliant idea to get her a loft bed. 

Only loft beds (well the cute ones) are really expensive. Like $500 expensive. So off to Pinterest I went. And I found this:
           Photo taken from Pinterest 

Has ever a more perfect bed been made for a princess?!  

Luckily for me a very close friend of the family is an engineer and loves building things. So for the cost of lumbar, he built Honey her own version:
          Painting done by yours truly

Ignore the pieces that clearly aren't painted. I didn't follow directions and thought they were support pieces to attach the bed to the wall. 

It's been two weeks since the bed went up, and she spends 90 percent of her time in there. 

And the worlds largest Barbie princess castle has been moved out of my living room!!  


Nail stuff next time, pinky swear!!



  1. I'm 19 and COMPLETELY JEALOUS OF HER BED! What a lucky girly!

  2. That play house bed is so cute. I have been asking myself why time seems to be flying by so fast as well. This year just disappeared and now its Christmas!...well almost.