Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review of LA Fresh Acetone-Free nail polish removing pads

Tonight I got an INSANE nail mail package. I signed up for the Instagram trick or treat nail polish swap, and got my swap package today. I've been slacking and haven't even sent mine out yet. Tomorrow!!

One thing (among many) that I got in the package was LA Fresh non acetone nail polish remover pads. 
I was really anxious to use them and see how well they worked. I had a subtle rose gold shimmer nail polish on tonight, sorry there are no pictures!  
First thing I noticed, it smells amazing!!  It's a "fresh Tuscan orange scent" according to the package. It certainly doesn't smell like polish remover. Unfortunately it doesn't work like polish remover either. 
Well I swiped and swiped and rubbed, and pressed it on the nail, with no real results. But I did notice how it made my cuticles and nails look. Much better than they do after using 100% acetone remover on them!  So I had a genius idea! 💡💡
I removed my polish with my acetone remover, and then followed it up with the LA Fresh wipe. And voila, conditioned nails and cuticles that don't reek of chemicals!!

Those don't look like nails attacked by acetone!

The cuticles feel nice too, and not dried out. 

Verdict: not so great on the removing aspect, but they do condition the nails and cuticles and it does smell 1000 times better than normal polish remover!  Don't buy them for their removing powers, but then for their conditioning powers!!


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