Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cheery Cherries

First off, hello to my new followers!!  Welcome welcome.

I haven't been doing a TON of nail art lately, just boring nails; lots of swatching those I have never tried. But tonight, I did some nail art. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures as I was going, so I don't really have tutorial for you.  But I can try to explain as I go.

I find so many inspirations on Instagram these days, and a few days ago I saw a super cute pale blue mani with cherries that I wanted to try out.  Now mine isn't exactly like the one I saw; I put my own spin on it, and I'm not yet as talented.

First of all, excuse my cuticles.  What a mess.  I've been doing a lot of cleaning the last few days, and my cuticles have definitely suffered.

Second of all, here's what I did.  I started with two coats of Orly Gumdrop.  For the stripes, I used striping tape across the nail and painted two coats of Orly Jealous, Much?  Then removed the tape right away.  If the polish starts to dry at all, it will stick to the tape and the tape will remove polish with it.  For the dots, I don't have a dotting tool, and my make shift one had red on it from the cherries. So I just used the polish brush itself.  Just make sure it doesn't have too much polish on it.  For the cherries I used China Glaze Sexy Silhouette. I took all the cotton off one end of a cotton swab, and used that as a makeshift dotting tool.  For the stem (the one part I'm not super thrilled with) I just used the polish brush again.  It's too thick for what I had in mind, but not terrible.

For the most part I think they turned out really cute!!  I miss doing nail art, but I've been lacking inspiration lately.  One because I'm still learning, and two I don't have all the proper tools.  I really need to look into dotting tools and nail brushes, so I can do things the correct way.  But I have to stop buying polish for that!

I've got some indie polishes coming my way soon (think Polish AddictStardust Polish, and ellagee).  And as soon as they are in my hands I will have more swatches and reviews for you.  Hopefully some new nail art too!!

Good night Lovelies!!


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