Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My first polish swap!

I've said it before; the Instagram nail community is amazeballs!!  I've met so many outstanding nail fanatics and polish makers. And recently one polish addict posted about a semi annual event they have...polish swaps. 
Almost like a secret Santa, but obviously not at Christmas, you put your name in the "hat" and you are matched up with someone in your same price range. Of course, the person you have does not have you. You don't know who is sending you your package. 
Who doesn't love surprises? Nail polish surprises especially! So I signed up as soon as I saw the post. I told her what I liked and disliked, and a lucky lady was given my name to purchase for. The boxes are supposed to be for the Fourth of July, but I got lucky. My partner was going out of town and wanted to make sure I would get it on time. 
I arrived home yesterday to my swap package in all it's glory!! What a happy ending to a typical Monday!! 

Is this not the most uh-mazing box ever?!  Look at all those China Glaze! Those Essie treatments!  And a really interesting, unique looking indie polish. It's  Fuse Polish's Zombie Snot, a clear polish with tiny black circles and neon green hexes!!  
Sorry the Fuse isn't swatched on my own nail, I haven't had time yet to play around with it. I didn't want to leave you hanging, so I grabbed a quick swatch on my sticks. 

The China Glaze from left to right are White on White, Frostbite, Flying Dragon, Pool Party, Sun Worshipper, I'm With the Lifeguard, and Celtic Sun. 

I've swatched a few of the China Glaze for you, and have pictures. 

I used white under the orange and yellow polish, since they are really thin and sheer. They also dry matte, but since they are so thin, they needed a top coat to even them all out. 

These are the perfect colors for summer. I already have tons of summer mani ideas. Like sunsets, and neon gradients, and rainbows, etc. 

I have my package ready to go out Friday morning!  I can't wait for my partner to get her package and see what she thinks of it!!  


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