Monday, November 9, 2015

Newest family member!!

No. No babies. Well not human babies, and not yet anyways. 

But we lost our first "baby" in June this year when our 12 year old male German Shepherd Dog, Zeus, died of cancer. Worst day ever. Of course it was 11 at night, and Josh had a huuuge promotional interview first thing the next morning. 

We grieved for a few months and then having a one dog household was a weird feeling. And we didn't like it. So we called the breeder that we had purchased Zeus from (and our female Shepherd, Isis) and she had puppies becoming available soon!

We set a date to go look, which quickly turned into us planning to purchase that day. Hubs really wanted another male, since he's outnumbered by females already. And so it was decided. 

We've named all out dogs after mythical gods and goddess, so we needed another for this boy. And settled on Apollo, after many many many back and forth conversations about names. 

We brought him home September 25, when he was 8 weeks old. Man! Having a puppy is hard work. I had forgotten how much since we got Isis 9 years ago!  But he's worth it. He's adorable. Very calm. Loving, and best friends with Audrey 
They grow even faster than human babies, which is too fast. He was just under 20 pounds when we brought him home. And he's now close to 40!! He's going to be a very large dog; his paws are massive!
One look at his toy box will tell you how spoiled he is!  We subscribed to BarkBox, which is something we never did with our dogs before. Zeus destroyed any toy almost instantly, and Isis has no interest in them. Apollo loves them!  He chews all day, throws them in the air, chases them!  It's so nice to not have to pick up stuffing al day!!
That classic shepherd stance gets me every time!  He's growing into a very handsome, breed standard dog!!


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