Thursday, October 22, 2015

Influenster Got Me Like...:


Earlier this summer I got the bestest Voxbox I've ever gotten. It was YSL primer and finisher. And it was uh-mazing. I'd never used YSL prior to that and it was love and first use. 

And then Influesnter sent me ANOTHER YSL Voxbox. This time: lipstick!!

Lipstick is my jam. Lipstick and nail polish, obviously. So when I found out I was getting not one, but two TWO YSL lipsticks, I was over the moon!!
           YSL Rogur Pur Couture
                      Hello lovers

The first color is #19 Fuchsia. It's gorgeous. It's perfect. Everything you would want in a lipstick. First the important things: it goes on so smooth. And it feels wonderful on your lips, thanks to intense hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. The color though. Look at it. It's so great. 
                       Am I right?!

Who says your fall colors need to be dark and matte?! Bring out those bright colors and hold on to just a bit more summer!!

Color two is #9 Rose Stiletto. Now this is what I think is a traditionally "fall" color. It's warm, and neutral. It looks fantastic on all skin tones, and matches any look, day or night. And it goes on just as easily as the fuchsia!

But can we talk about those amazing tiny YSL's carved into the lipstick?  Or the gorgeous gold packaging (iconic by the way!)

At this pint my feelings on YSL are as follows:

Much love

**I received these products free for testing purposes. I was not compensated for my review**

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