Thursday, March 19, 2015

Singapore Part Two:Indonesia

So after the whirlwind of flights just to get us to Singapore, we left a day and a half later for Indonesia; by ferry, thank god!  

It's a quick 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore to the Bintan Resort area of Indonesia. The entire Bintan area is full of resorts and vacation hotels. 
We left Monday morning, and stayed until Wednesday afternoon. All that luggage for just 2 days, 7 people of course, but two days!

The ferry was specific to the Bintan area, and very clean with a friendly staff. We sat on Emerald Class, which was their version of first class. We waited to board in the Emerald Class lounge

With preferred seating, access to the outer stern of the boat, and free soda or water. 

We were picked up by a bus from our resort, Nirwana Gardens. It was a quick bus ride from the ferry docks, and this was waiting for us after check in:

We had our own access to a private beach, with our own infinity pool, which is where we spent 75% of our time. Because, well private infinity pool. 
I'll leave the rest of the pictures for the end. 

We had dinner our first night at the Thai restaurant down the street from our villa. And it was really good. We had authentic Thai cuisine, outside next to the water. It was much less humid in Indonesia than I Singapore, so it was nice to sit outside next to the water. 

Mostly we spent our time in our own pool, but did venture out to the pool for the entire resort, mainly to take advantage of the swim up pool bar. Keep in mind, we were there Monday-Wednesday so the crowds were low, and there weren't many people. It was almost as if we had the place to ourselves!

The second night for dinner, we arranged for their "BBQ Party". They brought a grill and an assortment of food to the villa, along with a personal chef!  And Chef K prepared our meal that night. We have salad, fresh vegetables, roasted potatoes, beef and chicken satay, grilled steak, grilled chicken, lamb chops, and lobster. With a fresh fruit platter for dessert. 
The food was amazing, especially the satay; if my five year old willing eats it, you know it's amazing!

I never in my wildest dreams imagined going to Singapore, let alone Indonesia!  This was by far the best part of the trip, and I wish we had an opportunity to go back. I can tell you this, if I ever have a chance to go again, I won't hesitate!!

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