Saturday, April 25, 2015

Well It's About Damn Time!

Holy shit y'all!  After 7 years of asking and showing him properties, and asking some more, more properties being shown to him...WE ARE FINALLY MOVING!  

Say good bye to my 750 square foot ranch house (well, see ya later, because we are renting it out when we move)!  Hell-ooooooo 1100 square foot cape cod of my dreams. 

I'm not sharing pictures of it yet, since we haven't closed on it. We have to wait until June for that. But I do have some stuff figured out already. 

It's in great shape already, so all I have to do before moving in is clean the carpet in the master and paint. Oh em gee! I love to paint rooms. So I have paint colors picked out from Lowes already. 

The princess has requested a white room with pink and purple hearts, so I found some decals on Amazon for $15 shipped. And I'm painting the kitchen, dining room and one wall in the master. 

Classical violet is going to be an accent wall in my master and Coastal Jetty is going in my dining room. The other two, Lyndhurst Celadon Green and Green Tea Leaves are going in my kitchen. They are picking up rather mint in the picture, but aren't that bright in person.  All these colors are Valspar colors. 

And the one other thing that is figured out is the princess's bathroom. We have two FULL baths in the new house!  So the downstairs bath will be kid friendly decor, but it's also our main bath when guest are over, so it's not in your face kids!  Like the Frozen set she picked out. Sorry Kiddo

How stinkin cute is that!?  I love the owls, I think it's something she can continue to grow into for a while, and it's still appropriate for a main bath. And it was all on clearance!  I think I paid $35 tops for all of it?  #targetforthewin

Can I admit something?  I've never (never) been to Ikea! *Gasp!*  But I'm going!
In May. I have a dentist appointment, and there's an ikea close by. That haul will be a completely separate blog post all on its own. I had better bring cash as a budget. Haha who am I kidding!?

Wish me luck


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