Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love, Angeline Polishes

Everyone knows how much I love the na community on Instagram, and how many new polish lines I've found thanks to them. And tonight, I have another one for you!!  I found this indie maker thanks to @lusterlacquer and her swatch of "Anchors Away". 

So of course, I purchased "Anchors Away, Abracadabra, Hypnotise, and Ta-Da!"  They are all glitters, heavy on the glitter!  And beautiful. 

I have swatches of all today, except for Hyponotise. I'll start with the color that started it all! 

Anchors Away is a gorgeous sheer white based polish, filled with large navy blue hexes and smaller yellow hexes. Very nautical and summery. I did wear this over a basic white polish so I didn't have to build up the white base since it's so sheer. And an FYI: I wore this polish for 3 whole days(I was busy painting a princess bed for a little girl) and had no chipping; I only lost one blue glitter!!  

Second I have a swatch of Abracadabra! 
This color is a sheer grey jelly, again absolutely packed with glitters. This one has purple and gold hex glitters that appear to be about the same size. I wore this one with no undies and it's three coats to make it opaque. This is so packed with glitter that no fishing is necessary, and each swipe will leave your nail covered in glitters. This is a *slight* downside, only because it can leave the polish looking a little chunky and uneven before using a top coat. But is too much glitter a real thing?  No, so don't worry if it looks slightly chunky, top coat evens it out!

And last we have Ta-Da! 
This color is another sheer white, like Anchors Away. And again I used a basic white underneath.  Along with the white, this color has silver/grey large hexes, and two different shades and sizes of pink squares.  One is a darker, reddish color and the other is softer pink. I love this for spring. It's a very cherry blossom like feel to it, that always makes me think of spring and blooming flowers.  

Love, Angeline polishes are so soft and feminine. From the labels that look almost handwritten and delicate, to the soft grays and pinks that dominant some of her collections. Her labels are some of my favorites among the indie community. 

She currently is getting ready to release two new fall collections. And you can either get the colors just solid colors, or as holo colors. And I can't wait for them to be released so I can spend all my money on them. 

If you're interested in Love,Angeline polish, check her out on Instagram @loveangeline and her website Happy shopping!!



  1. Great review! I'm just now seeing this! And pinning to my Blogger Reviews board :) Thanks so much hun!

  2. You are more than welcome! Funny you found this today, as I'm currently wearing Anchor's Away! I love it, and can't wait to get my paws on some more of your gorgeous colors!!